What Lt. Cmdr. Data Tells us About Star Trek’s Interpretation of Moore’s Law

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Star Trek. As someone who was largely a social outcast growing up, it was in some ways a default — Gene Roddenberry’s vision represents a future that is largely hopeful and where differences are accepted and encouraged within Federation’s society rather than intentionally muted, and that was a source of comfort. Continue reading “What Lt. Cmdr. Data Tells us About Star Trek’s Interpretation of Moore’s Law”

The Super Bowl without a Super Bowl….

This year marks the first time that I haven’t sat and watched the Super Bowl in memory.  The earliest one I remember is, of course, the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX.  Now, 25 years later, I’m skipping one. Why? Not the whole concussion debate that’s given me a slight distaste for a sport I love.  Not the overarching consumerism (and associated brain damage) that each Super Bowl represents.  Not even the fact that this game was so clearly cursed, given the people injured by falling ice from the stadium (ice in Dallas in February?) or the several hundred people who came to Dallas with tickets but weren’t allowed in.

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The Popular Feedback Remix: 50 States, 50 TV Series


That’s all I can say about the feedback from last week’s blog post, 50 States, 50 Television Series.  It went viral, getting spread all over the internet quicker than I knew was possible.  Thanks to everyone who posted it, everyone who commented on it… hell, everyone who looked at it, all 18,000 views.  I certainly never intended for it to be so widely read.  Honestly, I never thought anyone would give two craps about it.  I just thought it was something to have a little fun with. Continue reading “The Popular Feedback Remix: 50 States, 50 TV Series”

50 States, 50 Television Series

(UPDATE: A ‘Remixed’ version of this map, which accounts for popular feedback, is now available. Check it out!)

As you may remember a couple days ago, there was a piece was published on the Huffington Post identifying every state of the U.S. by one movie, which of course I answered with a map of my own.  The original map from the HuffPo was featured on the fantastically entertaining Strange Maps blog, in which the author Frank Jacobs made a request for a similar map of TV shows.  Well, I couldn’t pass a challenge like that.  You can click on the map below for a larger version.

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