Diversity in Planning Workshop – East Central Regional Planning Commission

I recently had the honor of delivering a keynote address at the Diversity in Planning Workshop held by the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. The workshop was held at on April 27, 2012 at the Bridgewood Conference Center in Neenah, Wisconsin. The talk was designed to set the stage for a pair of panel discussions that explored the challenges and resources brought by the nine county region. Continue reading “Diversity in Planning Workshop – East Central Regional Planning Commission”

My Talk at AAG 2012

My talk at the AAG this year was on the final day, early in the morning, during about three other similar sessions, and held in a forgotten corner in the bowels of the Hilton NY. Though it was still well attended (maybe 15-20 folks), it’s understandable that some people who may have been interested in what I had to say weren’t able to come. That’s why I post it here. Sadly, this time, my phone failed to record my talk for an exact transcript, so I have to go off of memory. Forgive me if I build on or improve/regress upon my thoughts in this version. 🙂 Continue reading “My Talk at AAG 2012”