WLDAAG / ELDAAG Presentation on Fatness

In October 2012, I gave this presentation, entitled “Using Autoethnographic Methods to Understand the Impact of Fatness on Space and Place” at the 2012 Joint Meeting of the West Lakes and East Lakes Division of the AAG at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois.

This is part of my larger research project on my personal geography of fatness. Continue reading “WLDAAG / ELDAAG Presentation on Fatness”

My Geography of Fatness: Recreation & Vacation

Ah, summertime. Summer’s a great season for having fun, being outside, traveling, and just generally recreating, especially when one’s in an academic position that leaves most of that time relatively free. Of course, as with any profession, it’s important that I take advantage of my time off by spending some of that time relaxing so that I can be productive and happy when I return to work. Continue reading “My Geography of Fatness: Recreation & Vacation”

My Geography of Fatness: Air Travel

This is the third entry of a series focusing on my personal, autobiographical geography of fatness. To learn more about this project, check out the introduction entry, which should give you what you need to get started. I’ve also posted an entry on general socializing. Continue reading “My Geography of Fatness: Air Travel”

My Geography of Fatness: Introduction

I’ve been often fascinated by the various Geography of Obesity posts and infographics, and even journal articles that have floated around Twitter and other social networks over the past few years. Indeed, fatness has become something of a hot-button issue, getting plenty of coverage in various news outlets because of social costs. With the prevention of childhood obesity becoming a major part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s agenda and with 2/3 of Americans considered obese or overweight, it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. Continue reading “My Geography of Fatness: Introduction”