The Fam

Amy and I have always been big fans of dogs. Though we don’t intend to have children, we kind of treat our dogs as our kids. We’ve provided a foster home for various dog rescue organizations since 2006; in that time, we’ve fostered over 100 dogs, plus some cats, parrots, ferrets and even rats. Of course, we’ve had a few “failed fosters,” where dogs stay for years without any interested adoptees, so they end up becoming ours.  We also have one pet parrot, a blue crowned conure.

Anyway, here’s our furry and feathered family.


Kody is a ten year-old male boxer and terrier mix who’s been with us the longest of our crew. Kody was rescued as a four month-old puppy in summer of 2006 from a terrible abuse and neglect situation. He has had lifelong trust issues from that, running away when we lift our hand our leg when he’s nearby. Even though he’s a bit jumpy, he’s a extremely smart, perfectly loyal and very well-behaved dog who loves to run, play, and snuggle. His favorite activities are eating, doing tricks (he knows at least 20) for food, going for walks, and snuggling.


Peggy is a female pug we adopted in 2008, when we lived in Ohio. She was found without a collar wandering the streets of Ravenna (where we lived) without a collar or any sort of identification. After a vigorous months-long attempt to find her owner, no one came forward, so we adopted her. Peggy’s favorite thing in the world is food. She lives, sleeps and breathes food. But, she’s also a pug, so she’s not very willing to learn tricks or work for treats. Probably her second favorite thing is to sleep, which she does like a champ. She has a wonderful little personality, though I’m pretty convinced she thinks she’s human.


Rex is a five year-old rat terrier mix who came to us in October 2013. Rex and his sister were surrendered to Animal Care Sanctuary in Wellsboro, because… Rex burned down his previous owners’ house. Huh? Yeah, he had separation anxiety and went climbing on the kitchen counter, somehow both turning on the gas stove burners and knocking something on to it. We joke that he is our creepy little arsonist, because he is always attached to one of us at the hip. Rex came to our home because Amy worked at the shelter and offered to foster him after his sister was adopted. Within three days, he’d adopted us.  Honestly, his favorite activity is staring at us. Like I said, the little dude is creepy.


Tyson is a ten year-old boxer and bulldog mix who joined the family in July 2015. He was surrendered to Animal Care Sanctuary in East Smithfield at nine years old because his family’s living situation changed. He stayed in the shelter for a year before he was transferred to the Wellsboro location (when Amy didn’t work there). A week after he was transferred, Amy and I made a decision to look at adopting or at least fostering a new dog. We’d lost four of our furry kids to old age in the past two years, and the remaining pack of Kody, Peggy and Rex was a bit dysfunctional: no real alpha, everyone trying to follow everyone else. In our first web search for a new dog, Tyson popped up. He’s an awesome dog; smart, loyal, energetic, loving, and certainly peppy for a dog of his age. He absolutely loves to do tricks like “high five,” play fetch and tugs, and is always ready for a Jeep ride.


Bella is our newest addition, a nine year-old boxer girl who was surrendered to Animal Care Sanctuary in Wellsboro after a number of years in a terrible neglect situation where she was chained outside to a tree with a too-tight collar for years.  In January 2016, Amy offered to foster her and help her get acclimated to living with people again, and after being rejected by several potential adopters, we fell in love with her and decided she should stay. She loves to play, run, eat, give kisses, and snuggle. She has the worst farts, and seems to get a kick out of crop dusting our living room.


Roger is a 20 year-old blue crown conure.  Amy rescued her (yes, her… she knew her name before her sex was known) was rescued from a really bad abuse situation in 2001, after Roger had been passed around through a number of pretty terrible owners.  Now, Roger enjoys hanging out on Amy’s shoulder while she works on editing photos, tearing up tissues, destroying her bird toys, and singing in her oddly endearing voice that sounds like an infant speaking into a kazoo.