Maps for “Peddling the Sacrifice Zone”


Some maps for Dr. Jimmy Guignard‘s latest book, Peddling the Sacrifice Zone. It’s a look at the changes that the recent gas boom has brought to Tioga County PA, as experienced via bicycle.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of these maps were fitting all the needed information into a relatively small piece of a book page. From the original concept, I separated the maps into Jimmy’s routes (above) and a reference map for the county (below). Even with this limitation-through-division of what information appears on each, the small space and black-and-white color parameters obviously meant some interesting challenges, especially with labeling the reference map.


A third map (below) was also constructed showing wells drilled in the county from 2004 to present, using a simplified version of the county reference map as a basis.


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Author: Andrew Shears

Andrew Shears is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. His research interests lie at an intersection of the human-environmental nexus, and includes branches of mapping, technological, memorialization and urban geographies. He lives in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania with his wife Amy, a professional photographer.